Bristol Standards

We are proud to announce that Broadlands has been re-accredited under Bristol Standard scheme

The Bristol Standards is a self evaluating programme which settings choose to take part in to help improve the quality of the provision.  Having chosen to join the scheme, we at Broadlands work together – staff, committee, parents and children to improve the effectiveness of our sessions and setting.  

Over a three year cycle, we are able to identity strengths and weaknesses by reflecting on what we do and what we would like to do, so:

Year one – we reflect on our practices

Year two – we work on some targets

Year three – we work on different targets

Each year we submit a portfolio which is examined to ensure we are making the improvements we are aiming for.

We began on the journey in May 2012.


2013 - Your submission was very detailed and well organised with lots of evidence for strengths including some lovely photographs. It is clearly evident that your children benefit from having plenty of opportunities to use their imagination and be creative using open ended natural resources in the outdoor area. 

2014 – We thought that your submission demonstrated your aim to work collaboratively in order to implement your targets. We were particularly impressed by your intention to involve the children in the planning process.

2015 - Your submission shows commitment to teamwork and it was a pleasure to hear that you include comments from your parents and committee. This shows how you value their involvement.

2016 -Your submission shows your commitment to engagement with families and the community. You are clearly working towards positive outcomes for children, and it is evident that you have the children at the heart of all you do.  Your supporting evidence clearly shows how you include parental information to assess children’s starting points

Our Ethos

At Broadlands, we work closely with parents to promote positive attitudes towards learning as well as to support opportunities for social, emotional and personal development. We provide a freely structured environment for learning through play and a range of stimulating activities to develop confidence and encourage cooperation. All children are valued equally at Broadlands.

Privacy Policy

We take your privacy seriously and would never make contact if you have asked us not to. Please use the following link to see our full privacy policy.